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NEW! Vegan Angel Wing Luxury Harness & Leash Set 

Color: Beige Ostich with Gold Hardware

Made with the highest quality Vegan Leather

4 Piece Set Includes:

Angel Wing Harness


4 Way Convertible Handbag/Backpack/Crossbody/Tote

Mini Pet Purse/Keychain

Adjustable wings, No-Pulling Harness fits Pets Size XS, S and M Pets 


Adjustable HARNESS:

Extra Small: neck 9 - 11.5 inches & chest 13 - 15.5 inches

Small: neck 13 - 17 inches & chest 17.5 - 22.5 inches

Medium: neck 16.5 - 20.5 inches & chest 22 - 27 inches

Luxury Angel Wing  Vegan 4 Way Convertible Handbag Backpack Crossbody Tote Purse

Converts 4 ways;

1. Tote

2. Mini Backpack

3. Crossbody

4 Shoulder Bag

Carry all of your items and your pets snacks, potty bags, and any other essentials when you are out and about or traveling with your fur baby while matching each other in style!


Length 10" X Height 8" X Width 4"


Luxury Mini Pet Handbag Keychain


Clip your fur baby's handbag on your purse as a keychain, backpack, or bag. Can carry about your pets treats, potty bags or wee pads.


Size: Length 4" X Height 3" X Width 1 1/2"

Fast Priority Shipping!

4 Piece Set - Luxury Beige Ostrich Angel Wing Harness Leash Handbag

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